PCOS: Pregnant the natural way

My husband and I started trying to conceive in January of 2006. Because of my having PCOS, we had already seen an infertility specialist at Genesis. I wasn’t ovulating as I hadn’t had a natural period in over a decade. My doctor started me on clomid right away. After about six months of trying and having no success, I heard of acupuncture through a friend. I decided to give it a try and met with Spence. Aside from receiving the acupuncture treatments, it was really nice to be able to discuss my infertility frustrations with someone so knowledgeable. After a month or two, my husband also started coming to see Spence. In September, I had my ninth cycle of clomid with no luck. We decided to take a break from the clomid. One month later, I had my first natural period in ages, and was ovulating on my own. By December, our doctor told us that we probably wouldn’t be able to conceive without the help of in vitro. We made our appointment for the orientation for January. But, we proved the doctor wrong. Our late Christmas present that year was finding out on New Year’s Eve day that I was pregnant. I really attribute our success to Spence and acupuncture.


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