Sean Supports IVF process

I met Sean after being referred to Yinstill for my first acupuncture treatment in conjunction with my IVF treatments at PCRM. I had never imagined how good acupuncture would make me feel until I experienced it with Sean. I first met him and I had a very instant feeling of comfort, ease and trust. He is very down to earth, easy to talk to and is very sensitive to my issues as related to infertility. He catered my treatment alongside my IVF treatments and was heartfelt and caring as each visit progressed. After my first treatment with Sean, I was blown away by how I felt. I immediately called my husband excited to share with him how I felt and encouraged him to visit Sean to have acupuncture. He agreed and walked out of Sean’s office with the comment “he’s quite the miracle worker.” When he thanked Sean I knew he had the same experience I had. We both still think fondly of our experience and can’t wait to return to Vancouver to continue acupuncture with Sean. His treatments were the highlight of my IVF and to look back, was the only thing that grounded me in the very anxiety driven IVF environment. I would recommend to any woman going through IVF to book in with Sean as much as you practically can during the process. I went twice a week and it was incredible. Thank you Sean, you truly are amazing at what you do.

–Susan W.

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