She really taught me how to listen to my body

I came across Yinstill in 2019 after two years of trying to conceive without any joy. I had been through the medical system already- starting with the family doctor & then moving onto the fertility clinic. During that time I also attended an osteopath, a naturopath , another acupuncturist and a massage therapist … all in the hopes of conceiving. I was told by the medical professionals that myself and my husband were perfectly healthy, no fertility issues or problems and we were labelled with ‘unexplained infertility’ . This was probably the most frustrating ‘diagnosis’ we could get. We were at a complete loss as what to do because medically ‘there was nothing wrong with us’.

The fertility clinic concluded there was nothing wrong but suggested I started taking Clomid so I could ‘increase ovulation and perhaps ovulate more than once a month’. After a bit of research , I decided I wasn’t comfortable taking fertility pills that affect ovulation when there wasn’t anything ‘wrong’ with my ovulation. They also advised that the next step would be artificial insemination, and they warned me that at 32 years of age I shouldn’t wait too long to make that decision. I was actually a bit shocked after the consultation and left feeling scared and hopeless.

I turned to Yinstill by chance. I walked passed their clinic on Main Street on a weekly basis but never really stopped to investigate further . I decided to pick up a brochure one afternoon and from there I reached out for an initial appointment .

I was a little apprehensive at first , only because I’d had a brief experience with acupuncture before and it wasn’t a positive or effective treatment in the past.

All my nerves , apprehension & scepticism were completely eased when I met Lara for my initial appointment. She was so professional, knowledgeable, positive but above all just so caring. I felt for the first time since we started this journey that I was heard, understood and also reassured that we would get to the bottom of this ‘unexplained infertility’ and a pregnancy would occur. I had hope, something I hadn’t had for a long time.

I decided to give the recommended treatment a go for 6 months, the least amount of time recommended is 3 months – it takes time for your body and mind to adapt and respond.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Lara, I looked forward to them every week and I felt like I could be totally open & honest with her. She made me feel so comfortable with everything – much of the treatment was simple but involved a lifestyle change that was hard at times, but Lara guided me through it all week by week. The acupuncture was very relaxing and a positive experience.

Three months to the day that I started treatment , I got a positive pregnancy test! I was ecstatic but also in shock . I couldn’t believe it when I saw the two lines !! Unfortunately, that pregnancy was not meant to be , and I had an early miscarriage , which was so upsetting & disheartening after all those years. But knowing I could get pregnant, and there really was a change happening in my body, made me feel even more hopeful. Lara advised if I was ready to try again in the next cycle that I should. She really taught me how to listen to my body and let that guide me. The very next month I was pregnant again! I was cautiously optimistic , I didn’t tell anyone other than my husband, and Lara , for 10 weeks. I was afraid to ‘jinx’ it. I continued to see Lara on a weekly basis for the first trimester . These sessions were the only thing that got me through that time. Lara was fantastic . She was my confidant and advisor. She really was a blessing. She came on the journey with us and I will be forever grateful for her amazing care.

At the end of my pregnancy – around 38 weeks , Covid19 struck and we all went into a lockdown so I couldn’t attend the clinic anymore. I am looking forward to visiting the clinic again soon with my gorgeous baby boy !! I haven’t been able to return to see anyone since he was born in March 2020. I look forward to the day they can meet the little man that they had such an influence on creating!

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