Someone I will continue to see throughout my pregnancy and beyond

When my partner and I decided to start on our journey of conception, we were excited about the prospect of having a child as well as the intimate, joyful process that goes along with making that happen. We trusted that nature would take its course and that we would be pregnant before we knew it.

However, with each passing month, and its accompanying menstrual cycle, I found myself growing more discouraged by the lack of positive test results. I began to question my body and feared that it wouldn’t be as easy as we had initially thought. Eight months into the process, those fears were put to rest when that faint pink line appeared positive on the pregnancy test. We spent the next few weeks sharing our exciting news with close family and friends and discussing possible baby names. Unfortunately, seven weeks later, I suffered a miscarriage.

Choosing to carry on our journey, my partner and I quickly began trying to conceive again. I felt reassured in the knowledge that we were actually able to conceive and I figured that if it happened once, it could happen again. However, more months rolled by and nothing. At that point, I began to start questioning my body and felt uncertain about my dream of becoming a mother.

After more than a year from the time our journey first began, I ran into a friend at a cafe. Upon hearing about our unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, she recommended that I go for a consultation with Dr. Pentland. I took her advice seriously and booked my first consultation with him that week. Within moments of my first appointment, Dr. Pentland addressed my fears and reassured me that it was possible for me to get pregnant and to carry a baby to full term. We began to work on an overall lifestyle plan that included exercise, relaxation techniques and weekly acupuncture treatments. Viewing my treatments as an overall wellness plan, with health and balance as the goal and not pregnancy, I began to feel more relaxed about my goal of conceiving and shifted my focus on my emotional, mental and physical well-being. I looked forward to my Friday acupuncture treatments because I knew how relaxed and balanced I would feel for the rest of the day. Almost immediately, I began to feel a renewed sense of energy and overall sense of well-being and after about nine weeks of treatment, my partner and I were thrilled to find out that we were pregnant, and I am now 25 weeks!!!

Spence becomes a true ally in your health goals and is without a doubt, someone I will continue to see throughout my pregnancy and beyond. I would recommend Dr. Spence Pentland to anyone who is either trying to conceive, or looking for an overall tune-up!


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