Spence was recommended by PCRM…

When I first decided to do acupuncture before ivf I was not sure if it would help but thought I’m desperate so after reading up on the Internet along with the thousand other articles I read I decided it was worth a try. Spence was recommended by Pcrm and I wanted someone who worked with their team. My back story is that we had tried to have a baby for 3 years with 3 failed attempts with iui. We were only planning to do ivf 1 time (so we said but you never know) so I was willing to try anything. Going into I never expected to achieve the sense of serenity I had. I saw spence 2 times a week for about a month and then 1 x a week up until the ivf procedure and about 3 weeks or so after I forget exactly. Spence was wonderful, so caring and understanding in such a difficult time and I really consider him a friend. My husband and I decided to keep our struggle with infertility private so spence was our support really as even our family was not in the loop. Being a type a personality I thought I’d never be relaxed or even calm going into ivf but the acupuncture really taught me how to center myself and more importantly find my happy place. I’ve found it has helped in other areas of my life too when I get super stressed I’m able to go back to that happy place and let go. By the time we were doing ivf I had really achieved a zen like quality to it all which is all thanks to spence and the treatments I received. I was really able to visualize a life with child but more importantly I was also able to visualize a life without child and even plan for it if our 1 time ivf was not successful. This is a place I never thought I’d reach and feel that this is truly what helped my ivf be successful. You defiantly have to go into it in a good state of mind. I would highly recommend spence to anyone :/)


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