The best health care experience I have ever had…

Before I saw Dr. Pentland I was always a bit wary of chinese medicine mostly due to a lack of understanding. However, now I can honestly say that it was the best health care experience I have ever had. Dr. Pentland is a warm and intuitive person, but what I was most impressed by was his sound knowledge base which includes but is not limited to; nutrition, physiology, reproductive health, mental health and chinese interventions. I came to see him because I had decided to get pregnant and wanted to start the adventure on it’s healthiest course. I had been off of an i.u.d. for only one month and was having irregular periods. I was also feeling generally unhealthy due to a particularly indulgent month long honeymoon. Within two months of treatments consisting of acupuncture and cleansing, I was pregnant! Dr. Pentland then treated me through my first trimester to promote prenatal heath. During this time, acupuncture made a noticeable difference in the alleviation of symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and lethargy. I recommend him (and his treatment philosophy) wholeheartedly to my friends and family and will certainly use him again in the future.

~Anonymous and Happily Pregnant~

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