The Roller Coaster

For me, the infertility roller coaster started on Day 1 of every cycle….the anticipation of timing things perfectly, the agonizing two week wait and the knife in my heart when I knew I wasn’t pregnant…again and again and again and again. Through all of this, Yinstill brought a healing touch to my treatments. Even while they were prescribing vile Chinese herbs to drink, it felt wonderful to be in their care. They treated me as a whole person and not just my reproductive system. They talked to me and listened to me – something that I felt was missing from my experiences at the fertility clinic. Each of them has a unique style and each, in their own way, is an outstanding healer.

I am now a mum to a beautiful 6 month old son…after rounds of Clomid, IUI, superovulation, an IVF and a high-risk pregnancy. Yinstill supported me through all of this. Each time I left, I felt relaxed, more hopeful and better able to cope with the on-going stress of infertility. I attribute the successful IVF to the acupuncture treatments I received throughout the process. I feel lucky that I found Yinstill as early on in the process as I did.
Being unable to conceive naturally is an experience that only those who have been through it can really understand. Spence and his team at Yinstill have experienced infertility with their patients. Their understanding of the pain of infertility, their knowledge of Chinese medicine and their compassion were invaluable as they helped me to conceive.


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