Too young for donor eggs

My story starts off in October 2008 when my husband and I found out that we had unexplained fertility issues. My Husband was 33 and I was 30 years old. Despite being told by several doctors that we were young and not to worry, it was unsettling. We started a cycle of clomiphene and IUI, which failed after 3 cycles. We were then recommended to try IVF. I never thought we would have to take this route of action, but we were still hopeful and we wanted to become pregnant. March of 2009 we completed one cycle of IVF only to be devastated by the results. The IVF procedure resulted in 9 eggs, 5 mature and 4 immature. The 5 that were mature were of “D” quality and were not able to fertilize. The 4 immature were good quality but not developed enough. One immature egg had fertilized and was transferred at day 3 at 4 cells. Unfortunately, a pregnancy did not result. I was heartbroken and in shock. Our follow-up appointment with the fertility doctor did not go well. He basically told us to explore donor egg options. To this day, that conversation makes my heart sink.

After one cycle of IVF, we had heard about acupuncture for fertility issues. I had met Dr. Erin Flynn and was immediately attached to this idea. We decided that I would do 3 to 6 months of weekly acupuncture treatments before trying another round of IVF. After 2 months of treatments, we were unexpectantly surprised that we were pregnant! It was unbelievable. We found out the day before we were going to Hawaii for vacation. It was an amazing feeling – “no more IVF!” The happiness lasted 10 days. I had an ultrasound as soon as we returned only to find out that the pregnancy was a tubal pregnancy. I was in the hospital, had surgery, but had an acute hemorrhagic episode resulting in losing the tube. It was horrific. I still can’t stop thinking about that day. During this time of recovery, I continued seeing Dr. Flynn, which really sped up my recovery phase. My surgeon was really impressed that I had bounced back after 6 weeks, especially after what I had been through.

We tried another cycle of IVF February 2010, which failed, and a frozen embryo transfer in June 2010 resulting in a chemical pregnancy. We decided to switch fertility clinics and attempted a third IVF, which resulted in no pregnancy. We were immediately recommended to try the frozen embryo transfer, which resulted in a pregnancy! We were so happy and overjoyed.

I am due in July 2011 and am overjoyed. I would definitely put a lot of my belief in our journey towards acupuncture. I feel that my symptoms, the side effects from the medicines and my overall fertility experience was nurtured by acupuncture. Dr. Flynn does amazing work and is very specific and detail oriented. She helped me through this journey in order to achieve the desired results. I have had controlled nausea and headaches with the acupuncture since becoming pregnant. The relaxation alone has provided me with strength throughout the day. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone who has been struggling with fertility or even symptoms of pregnancy. I am continuing acupuncture once weekly to continue to have support throughout my pregnancy. My experience with Dr. Flynn has been very positive and rewarding.

-name withheld, Surrey

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