Twins! I would just like to share my acupuncture experience

I had been through one complete IVF failure: 24 eggs, but nothing to freeze, and no pregnancy. I decided to use acupuncture to support the second attempt at IVF. My husband and I had both felt something was missing from the first treatment, even before we knew it had failed. I am now in the late stages of pregnancy, carrying a set of what appears to be very robust, healthy twins, from two implanted embryos. I also have eighteen great quality embryos in storage, a complete turnaround from the first procedure, after a change of IVF clinic too. I have continued with acupuncture throughout my pregnancy.

I would like to mention how pleasant it has been dealing with Spence. Spence has been very supportive from the start. I believe he is an extremely kind, patient, human being. I mention these qualities as well as his obvious professionalism, for the following reason. Those of us who have been through the numerous doctors, nurses, clinics, “mill” involved in the infertility trail, can feel a little battle worn by the process. We are often treated throughout this with indifference, and like a number. I even asked myself before I tried acupuncture, if I wanted to involve even more professionals in the process. I am obviously glad I did! Spence has an approach and attitude to his work that makes you feel more human again! Something I am very grateful for. This, plus the obvious advantages of acupuncture during my pregnancy!

At one point I came in to see Spence having not slept properly in days, due to back pain. After acupuncture I slept that night for twelve hours! My husband was so happy he went to work telling everyone I had had acupuncture, and now HE could sleep! He even ASKED me after that when I was going back!

I would say to anyone preparing to go through the IVF process, that not only may acupuncture be an important factor in the success of the treatment, but his helpful, friendly attitude. He is also very consistent in this attitude, which is so reassuring. He always has a warm, welcoming smile!!!

I would not hesitate to recommend Spence. I would like to thank him for the high quality care I received, and so would my twins!! Thank you so much Spence!


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