When I first went to be treated for infertility I had my reservations

Western medical science cannot solve my specific problem and I thought that Traditional Chinese Medicine was an esoteric last ditch effort in a fight against the unknown. Fortunately enough, I came into contact with Spence Pentland.

I found, and continue to find, Spence as a knowledgeable, considerate, and professional practitioner of TCM. His diagnosis and treatment were comprehensive and skilful. He was also sensitive to the feedback from my treatments and modified his process to account for my individual needs. I believe that I had an excellent experience in a field that I was quite ignorant about.

Although the treatment I received was unable to fix my infertility, I am glad to have gone through a process that has removed stress and discomfort in my life. Finally, Spence has taught me to become more aware of the interrelationship between my body and my environment. I think TCM, and more specifically, Spence Pentland, can add value to your life whatever your imbalance may be.


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