Without Spence’s support, advice, encouragement and advocacy we would not be 30 weeks pregnant

My husband and I married when I was 33. We both knew we wanted to have a family, so we started trying right way. Having been on birth control pills for years, I found in the first year of trying that I had an irregular cycle. After a year of trying I went to my obstetrician for a fertility workup.

Everything seemed normal, other than the irregular cycle, so we were referred to a fertility specialist and tried a round of IUI with Clomid. We were thrilled when we got pregnant, but devastated when we lost the pregnancy at six weeks. We had hope that IUI was the answer and tried four more times, unsuccessfully.

It was then that I took a colleague’s advice and went to see Spence. Within a few months of doing a cleanse, following the fertility diet, taking chinese herbs and acupuncture Spence successfully regulated my cycle, but after eight months I still wasn’t pregnant.

My husband and I decided to go ahead with IVF. Spence treated us with acupuncture and provided us with information and support throughout. He also acted as an advocate for us. For instance, when I told him the date on which I was instructed to begin the stimulation drugs, Spence mentioned that the timing was unusual. He immediately called and emailed my physician and was able to sort out the issue and get me on track with the stimulation drugs.

Although our first attempt at IVF was unsuccessful, Spence helped my husband and I to face the next challenge ahead. He looked over our chart and provided insight and a suggestion as to a potential issue that had not been raised by our doctor. We took great comfort in knowing that Spence was on our side, taking the time to carefully consider our situation and provide thoughtful suggestions and advice.

While we still don’t know the cause of our difficulty to conceive, without Spence’s support, advice, encouragement and advocacy we would not be 30 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby boy. We tried IVF a second time, with a different drug protocol and with Spence treating us on the IVF transfer day and success! We are so grateful to Spence for the tremendous care he has provided to both of us and will definitely seek his support and treatment when we try for baby number two.


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