Junko Lodge (English)

Junko graduated from International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver where she completed the 4 year Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine program . She has been interested in alternative health since childhood. Her grandmother used to pick dandelions and mugwort for cooking. Her father’s side of the family was fond of Traditional Chinese Medicine especially Moxibustion.

Junko is a certified fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM). She also completed touch for health kinesiology level 1 & 2 at M B H Kinesiology College in Osaka, Japan and Western Herbal Medicine Detoxification program . She is a certified therapist in the Preventive Medicine Health & Beauty Association of Tokyo.

The amazing gynecology class taught by Dr. Zhi Hong Huang solidified her career path of reproductive health as her focus. She recognizes that hormonal balance, timing, flow of Q i and blood, organ function and how everything works separately and together is at the core of the TCM treatment of reproductive health conditions. Making a family is the same as the universe of Yin-Yang which are opposite but complementary, interdependent, interconnected and interrelate to one another.

She practices Traditional Chinese Medicine with respect and gratitude, as a bridge between patients and the power of nature to bring balance back to the system, harmonize the spirit, and regain the trust of each persons natural healing power. She is delighted and honored to join such a talented and successful team at Yinstill Reproductive Wellness.

What does being a part of Yinstill mean to me…
“Very simple. Being a part of Yinstill makes me a better person. It doesn’t matter whether I am at work or not. It gives me confidence, hopes, motivation, love, self love and passion. I’m very thankful that my fate brought me here and am so very thankful to Spence and Chantal for creating and caring for Yinstill with respect and love. The best team to be a part of.”

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