Acupressure for Fighting Colds, Battling Headaches and Improving Digestion

Acupressure is fantastic, not only because it works but also because you can do it on yourself. Here are two of the most commonly needled points in clinic that can improve our health and well-being heading into autumn. The video links will show you how to locate the points, as well as a simple technique for self-massage and stimulation.

LI4 – Large Intestine 4 – HeGu – “Hidden Valley”
This is an extremely useful point. According to Giovanni Maciocia, author of “The Foundations of Chinese Medicine”, it can be used to combat fever, headache, sneezing, sweating, toothache, arm pain, redness of the eyes, nasal congestion, mouth ulcers and more.

ST36 – Stomach 36 – ZuSanLi – “Three Miles of the Foot”
This point is also most useful. It strengthens the resistance to attack from exterior pathogens and can be used to prevent illness. It is also used for nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, poor digestion, tiredness, postpartum dizziness, febrile diseases, abdominal distension and pain, undigested food and pain in the knee.

Get your thumbs out and start massaging…

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