RELIEVE – Yinstill Custom Fertility Supplement

Relieve is a custom Yinstill formulation to help with the painful struggles of endometriosis. It is focused on decreasing inflammation and alleviating pain. Inflammatory and biochemical inducers cause oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction. Oxidative stress and free radicals damage cells and tissues in your body, and over time, cause dysfunction in the peritoneal cavity, ovaries, and uterus. With this in mind, the Yinstill Relieve supplement is not only for women with endometriosis but is a wonderful option for patients with any inflammatory condition.

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In Support of LGBTQIA+2S

At Yinstill Reproductive Wellness we are dedicated to providing a safe and compassionate space for all people.


Yinstill is happy to support those within the LGBTQIA+2S community, and provide exceptional holistic treatment for those experiencing fertility and/or reproductive issues. 

We believe that nothing is more important than family and everyone who desires should be able to experience the gift of becoming a parent. We agree with our partners at PCRM that “family is not defined by gender,

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Meet Sean Quigley

Hello Everyone,

My name is Sean Quigley, a Chinese Medicine acupuncturist now living in the amazing city of Kingston, Ontario – home to wonderfully friendly people and crisp clean air. I grew up not too far from Kingston and have returned to Ontario with my family after twenty years away.

Some of this time away was spent travelling and living in Tainan, Taiwan where my interest and education into Chinese medicine was sparked and cultivated.

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Meet Adrienne Coombs

Hi everyone!

My name is Adrienne Coombs. I’m a Chinese medicine practitioner and have just moved to beautiful Squamish, BC. I have spent time training with Dr. Pentland and his team, learning the Yinstill systems and protocols for taking care of patients with reproductive health challenges.

I am so excited to now be living on the west coast amongst these beautiful mountains. This place is amazing – the views, the people,

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Interview with Author of ‘Conquering Infertility’ -Alice Domar, Mind Body Fertility Expert

Interview with Author of ‘Conquering Infertility’ -Alice Domar, Mind Body Fertility Expert

(47:04) Alice is clearly the leading expert when it comes to the mind-body-fertility connection. She presents resent research on the topic and discusses what she has seen and learned since the mid 1980’s when she started her journey working with infertility and how the mind-body influences this condition.  The fertility APPS she has created (free) for both men and women are amazing and I encourage you to check them out after listening to this interview.
Spence Pentland

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As James Brown would say, Get On Up

Does this zebra looked stressed to you? The real reason zebras don’t get ulcers…

Dammit, why won’t you work? Now? Now you fail me? NOW? Well, this internal dialogue is more common than we may realize. In fact, I would wager that nearly every man has experienced or will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, making this a shared experience.

At any given time, one in 10 men can’t get it up –

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“Did you know… Chinese herbal medicine may help your swimmers?”

Don’t feel like to be poked (by hair-thin acupuncture needles)?
Don’t worry! There is our other alternative tool for your sperm health. Chinese herbal medicine which individually customized for you may help not only your sperm parameters but also overall your health concerns. Can be treated at the same time, because traditional Chinese medicine sees the body as a whole, and often one issue links to the others.

Full article –

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Literally, Tiny Engines to Help Sperm Swim!

Ok, yes this is really happening – tiny motors that attach to sperm to help improve how well they swim (motility), and experts are saying that this might soon become a feasible treatment for male factor infertility.

For the millions of American couples that struggle each year to conceive a child, most procedures, such as in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination, have a relatively low success rate. Male fertility issues contribute to about half of the cases of infertility.

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How to Live in Harmony with Autumn

Autumn doesn’t spring, rather it falls. Summer changes to winter and a crisp dry coolness creeps into the air somewhere between the extremes of the year. The days shorten as we adjust to less sunlight and cooler temperatures, and it is time to organize for the winter and prepare for a long hibernation ahead. For many of us, autumn is also a time for transition and renewal as we return to work or school after enjoying some summer freedom.

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How to relieve stress on the spot using just your breath

Ever found yourself in a difficult or stressful situation that just gets your blood boiling or causes you to feel all frantic inside? Yes. We all have these moments. Whether it’s hearing bad news, dealing with traffic, being in a confrontation, or experiencing a full blown panic attack, the stress of life is inevitable – something I am always reminding myself and my patients. So if stress is inevitable, the only thing that can really determine whether or not you allow that stress to have a detrimental effect on your body and physiology is how you respond to it.

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