Causes of Male Infertility

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Sperm has to be made in the testes, travel through the spermatic ducts, and find the egg.

Radiation, environmental toxins, undescended testis, varicocele, traumatic injury, infectious injury, testicular atrophy, drug effects, prolonged fever, certain endocrine disorders, congenital abnormalities, past surgery in the lower abdomen, tight underwear, poor diet, antihypertensives, anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, and cocaine, all have a large effect on sperm health and male fertility.

A man may also produce antibodies to his own sperm, this means that the immune system attacks the tails of the sperm that they are producing. Sometimes the woman produces antibodies toward her partners sperm, they generally attack the head of the sperm.

There is also belief that infections (STD’s) are a major cause of semen issues.

If he has SOME sperm but very low counts think of:
a) History of testicular injury, infection, surgery (including inquinal surgery)
b) Hormonal problem – either loss of brain stimulation of the testes (Low FSH, LH) or testicular failure (High FSH,LH)
c) medications like steroid usage, propecia, etc
d) genetic abnormalities (karyotype problems or Y-microdeletion problems)

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