Ferment For Fertility

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Guest post by Jerah Verville, RHN

As scientific interest in the human microbiome increases and more studies are done investigating the role that bacteria have in our immunity and our health, we are discovering that we are actually made up of more bacteria than we are of human cells! It is true that we are covered in bacteria; each area of our body has a specific ratio and balance of particular bacteria. These bacteria are our immune system’s first defense toward invaders. There are bacteria on our skin, in our mouths, all throughout our digestive system that help to keep the invaders out. The woman’s vagina is no different and has a specific set of bacteria that help to prevent pathogens from entering, but also to maintain the proper pH. Typically the pH of the vagina is slightly acidic to help ward off any pathogenic bacteria. Then during ovulation the pH of the vagina turns slightly more alkaline to allow for sperm to thrive and not be killed off in the acidic environment. The proper balance of bacteria is essential to help maintain this pH cycle and and keep the vagina a hospitable place for the sperm. Eating more fermented foods not only helps to keep the bacteria in the gut and intestines balanced, but also helps to balance bacteria in all areas of the body…



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