How to naturally help seasonal allergies

Winter is finally over and the warmth of Spring is upon us. The fresh morning breeze, the flowers in full bloom, the birds chirping and the trees showing off their new greenery brings us all tears of joy, or is it tears from all the pollen in the air? For some Spring is the season of growth and renewal while for some others it is the season of allergies resulting in watery, itchy eyes, constant nasal dripping, and hives.


Here are a few suggestions to make this allergy heavy season the best it can be:


  •  Consuming local bee pollen or local honey can help relieve watery eyes, congestion and most allergy symptoms because it contains the very pollen your allergies stem from.


  •  Taking a shower after being outside or before bed helps wash off all the pollen and dust collected through the day.


  •  Invest in a HEPA Filter, which stands for high-efficiency particulate air. A HEPA filter is a type of mechanical air filter that works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, dust mites or pet dander.


  •  Avoid mucous producing foods such as conventional dairy or gluten as it may trigger or worsen allergy symptoms


  •  Add Quercetin to your supplement routine. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine and an anti-inflammatory, making it effective at lowering the effects of allergies.


  • Start taking an Omega-3 Fish Oil supplement as it reduces inflammation in the body and aids in the reduction of allergy symptoms.


  •  Increase intake of liquids as it helps break down mucous and flush out any toxins


  • Eating more probiotic rich foods such as kimchi, miso, sauerkraut or even taking a probiotic supplement, may help balance your gut flora, strengthen your immune system and help lessen the allergy symptoms.


  •  Frequent acupuncture is a great way to ease and relieve symptoms


If you would like to chat with a practitioner about your symptoms, and see if acupuncture and/or traditional Chinese herbal medicine can help please contact us today for a free 15 minute phone consult!

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