Summer Diet – Eating with the Seasons

Summer Diet

Summer is a time of openness and expansive abundance. The fresh vital flavors, colors and textures of many fruits and vegetables ripen and so do our senses. According to Chinese medicine, Summer is yang in nature. It is a time of expansion, growth, lightness, outward activity, brightness and creativity. This is why everyone wants to be outside instead of inside, your creative juices are wanting to breakthrough.

Summer is the time for growth, time to be one with the environment, wake early when the sun is rising and utilize this time to be creative. This is in harmony with our environment as the flowers reach full bloom and flourish we have to as well.

During this time of the year use plenty of brightly colored summer fruits and vegetables and enjoying cooking at home. Your method of cooking during this time should be light such as steaming. When sauteing use high heat for a very short time and steam or simmer foods. Utilize water when cooking and less oils. Drinking and eating warm food such as teas, soups and pungent foods will push the heat of the body to the surface, actually releasing it by sweat and cooling your body temperature naturally.

Play with eating less and light quality foods that you can find at your local farmers’ market such as:

  • cucumbers,
  • lemon,
  • mung beans,
  • barley,
  • sprouts,
  • lettuce,
  • radishes,
  • celery,
  • arugula,
  • fresh ginger.

look at growing your own fresh herbs such as basil, cilantro, mint, sage, chives, parsley, dill. Incorporate fresh drinks and teas with elder flower, mint, lemon, calendula, lavender, mint. Common fruits to incorporate into your diet are cherries, apples, raspberries, hawthorn berries, and peaches.

Eating very cold and contracting foods such as ice drinks and ice cream will actually hold in the heat and injure your digestive system.

Summer is also the time of the year that in Chinese medicine we have to connect with mother nature. Mother nature is the centre, it nourishes us providing virtues of reciprocity and integrity that we need for ourselves and the world. Foods that are nourishing are soaked and well cooked whole grains such as oats, sweet rice, quinoa to help ground us during this fire time of the year.

Enjoy these tips while preparing your meals during this season!


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By Sherry Jobani


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