It was such a relief to be treated as a whole person

It was such a relief to be treated as a whole person after encountering the detachment of the Western Medical approach.

I had been trying to conceive for 3 years when I decided to try acupuncture after having some small spots of endometriosis removed. My gynecologist had told me that I had a 6 month window of opportunity to achieve pregnancy if this was the problem. I wanted to optimize my chances by visiting Yinstill.

Even after my initial tentative email I felt like I had made the right decision as he promptly returned my message with a phone call. This small act made such a difference after the level of poor service I had experienced when trying to contact specialists.

The acupuncture and herbal treatments I received for almost a year I believe cleared a lot of negative energy that I had accumulated on the journey to create a family. Prior to the treatments I had always experienced painful menstrual cramps and irregular cycle length with “in between” spotting. Now my periods are pain free, regular and feel balanced. So I got the benefit of having both the emotional and physical treated. I believe Lorne has a gift to heal others with his gentle, calm and respectful approach.

Although I have not yet conceived a child I do not consider my experience at Acubalance a failure. In fact, it has been a life transforming experience. I feel that I have learned so much about how to integrate the mind and body in order to approach life in a centred way instead of trying to control it.

I would not hesitate to recommend treatments with Spence a remarkable individual who help facilitate wellness by treating you compassionately as an individual.


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