The Carbon Farmer and the Yinstill Gratitude Forest

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Making a baby is such an incredible miracle. There are so many variables that have to come together at exactly the right time and in a particular way to create life. Just over a year ago, we started a program at Yinstill Reproductive Wellness to honour each of these miracles. For each baby that comes into this world that we have had the privilege of working with, we plant a tree.

The idea was born out of the collective vision of Yinstill in helping to achieve happy families and a fertile world. We wanted to some how pay it forward to future generations and what better way than to ensure their future included healthy trees and a protected environment. I came across the Carbon Farmer through a previous promotion program that I had used. I loved the idea of having a virtual forest that we could see grow and I really liked the story of how the Carbon Farmer came to be. It started with a dream to preserve their family farm and create a sustainable habitat as well as address climate change.

Shortly after we signed on with the Carbon Farmer and started our own Yinstil virtual forest, the people behind the Carbon Farmer, Brad and Rebecca Rabiey were on Dragon’s Den. It was a great opportunity for me to see just how great they both were and how passionate they are about preserving the environment and creating awareness around climate change. Their project and passion was a huge hit in the den and they were able to partner with two of the dragons.

Since their appearance on Dragon’s Den, the Carbon Farmer has been quite busy. The number of businesses and individuals they now work with has grown incrementally. The family farmland has been planted to capacity and they have been working on many other reforestation projects throughout Canada and overseas. We have been so fortunate to have partnered with them when we did and to know that the trees that we purchase are a part of the great projects that the Carbon Farmer is involved in.

Click here to visit the Yinstill Gratitude Forest and here for the Carbon Farmer website

Posted by: Dr. Harris Fisher

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