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How Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture, and Naturopathic Medicine Can Help You Transform Your Health, Get Pregnant, and Create a Happy Healthy Family

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The diagnosis of ‘Unexplained Infertility’ is seen more than any other reproductive challenge at our clinic. It is a prevalent condition that by name is understood very poorly by the current western biomedical model of care. The emotional effects of this diagnosis can be devastating, making daily life a struggle. What it stirs inside can be profound and paralyzing. The fear of not becoming a parent, the shame and self-loathing, the resentment of others, the countless hours spent trying to ‘figure things out’, not to mention the strains it can put on your marriage and sex life. These overwhelming emotional experiences make infertility a circumstance unlike any other.

After being a long time Endometriosis sufferer…

After being a long time Endometriosis sufferer since my late teens I came to grips about my infertility issues after two major abdominal surgeries within one year. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over 2 years. After my second surgery I was referred to Dr. Pentland for treatment before and while we were undergoing IVF treatments at PCRM. If only I had met him years ago!! Not only did he help with pain, bloating, fatigue, anxiety, his patient and kind ear was a wonderful bonus. I always felt better after my weekly then bi-weekly treatments…never did I think sticking needles in my body would help or make a difference but man was i wrong! Never a patient of ‘alternative’ medicine I felt an immediate difference in my physical well being and will be a true believer and supporter of Dr Pentland for as long as i live and will recommend him to anyone! Today I write this being the most thankful and lucky patient ever…we’re 17 and a half weeks along with TWINS!

– Carrie E.


We will walk you through 10 easy-to-implement steps that will help you overcome your reproductive health struggles, and transform your health and well-being in the process. Together these 10 Steps comprise a holistic system for ensuring you are tending to all aspects of your health that affect your fertility…

Get clear and set the unique health related goals that are necessary to best optimize your reproductive potential

Implement natural treatments such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, micronutrient injection therapy), and Naturopathic medicine (nutritional counselling, lab testing, intravenous IV therapy)

Teach you how to properly pay attention to the signals and feedback your body is giving you

Counsel on how to use food as medicine

Recommend which supplements are right for you

Discuss specifically how you should be exercising

Determine how to nurture your spirit and look deep inside to get the whole picture

Reveal which toxins are around you that may be affecting your fertility

Shed light on what the man can do

Explain how assisted reproductive technologies such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can help and when they are appropriate for your circumstance

Imagine what it would be like to be past your struggles. Take a moment and project yourself into your future – a future that not only has you holding your baby (God willing), but also a future where you are vibrant and healthy. The shining example you want your child to see.

Unexplained pelvic pain and lower back pain relieved and a second child conceived 

I was experiencing unexplained pelvic and lower back pain, for which my doctor referred me to a specialist…thinking it might be endometriosis. Dissatisfied that I would have to wait several months for an appointment and might only have surgery as an option, I went searching for alternative treatment. I came across Yinstill in my search and their response was immediate. I started acupuncture treatment with Dr Fisher, along with his suggestion of Chinese medicine and within two weeks my pain was barely noticeable. After months of suffering, I finally felt like myself again. And within a month of regular treatment, I was pregnant with my second child! I continued with prenatal treatment and plan to return in the postpartum phase. The support I received throughout my treatment was amazing! I would recommend Dr Fisher and Yinstill to anyone!!

– R.K.


The specialized care and treatment you will receive at Yinstill is the cumulative result of

  • 45+ years of collective clinical experience.
  • Extensive specialized training in natural evidence-based treatment of reproductive health issues.
  • Development of fully integrated complementary health care services with local IVF clinics.
  • Close relationships with experts and world leaders in the field of reproductive medicine.

Each and every day at our clinic is spent connecting with and helping people just like you. These relationships have provided us with a very intimate understanding of how to best support women and couples trying to get pregnant. The expertise acquired as a result has enabled us to be an integral part of bringing thousands of babies into this world. We believe nothing is more important than family. Everyone who desires should be able to experience the gift of becoming a parent.


When you choose to become a client of Yinstill you can expect many transformations in your life that will optimize your mind and body for conception, and ultimately help you overcome Endometriosis. These transformations include (but are not limited to) the following;

  • Increased Fertility. With all of the tools you will learn and with dedication to implementing the necessary changes, you will balance your hormones and optimize your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Decreased Pain and Inflammation. Improved quality of life and regulation of the inflammatory response of the immune system. Feel better with enhanced overall health.
  • A Simpler More Enjoyable Life. Benefit from, less pain, reduced stress levels, increased energy, better digestion, more quality sleep, and a multitude of other tangible health benefits.


Current medical evidence shows that certain complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can help reduce the pain associated with Endometriosis and inhibit the growth of endometriomas surrounding the reproductive organs. Many CAM therapies display significant effect in decreasing inflammation in the body and balancing hormones associated with fertility and pregnancy.

Other evidence shows that Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, supplements, diet, and lifestyle choices can increase chances of getting pregnant (IVF or natural conception), primarily via the following mechanisms;

Our own clinical research on the stress reducing effects of acupuncture when administered in the weeks leading up to an IVF embryo transfer is published in Fertility & Sterility. Reproductive medical specialists report observing the powers of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in regulating ovulation and menstrual cycles. Countless women sing the praises of how acupuncture and Chinese herbs moderate their PMS and increase their sex drive. Women with recurrent pregnancy loss often attribute their ability to finally carry to term to regular acupuncture and changes in diet and lifestyle. We also encourage you to read the dozens and dozens of success story testimonials from women just like you on our clinic website.

Visit our research section for evidence on the effectiveness of acupuncture and Chinese medicine on reproductive health conditions.


  • Your initial 1 hour appointment with one of our fertility specialists consists of an in-depth evaluation into the underlying factors that are contributing to your infertility.
  • From there, using our 10 Step process, we create a individualized treatment plan to naturally optimize your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Finally, with consistent ongoing treatment, we are there for you throughout your journey, offering the support required with each step.

Within just a few short weeks, you should notice significant changes in many of your health related goals, and overall sense of well-being. These are the signs that your body is becoming optimized for conception.

We are excited to meet you soon to help you reach your dream of creating the happy healthy family you deserve

Risk Free Initial Appointment We want you to feel like Yinstill is the right fit for your reproductive healthcare needs. If you are not completely satisfied with your initial appointment and do not plan to continue treatment at Yinstill, you are under no obligation to pay the appointment fee (see full policy details).

Improvements in menstrual cycle,
endometriosis pain, & general health!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis after experiencing both bleeding and pain during intercourse. An ultrasound examination showed that I had a 10cm endometrioma on my right ovary and laparoscopic surgery was scheduled to follow. During surgery it was discovered that I had severe endometriosis affecting my ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and bowel.

The surgery was successful in removing the endometrial lesions but I was warned that it would most probably return within a year. It was also suggested that I might consider having my right ovary removed, something I would not even contemplate at this stage in my life. Around 10 months later, I noticed that when I would sit down on a chair I felt pain on my left side. On occasion, intercourse had become painful again and even simple stretching would result in pain.

I knew that I wasn’t prepared to have surgery again, especially if it meant removal of my reproductive organs so I started researching alternate ways to deal with endometriosis. I read about acupuncture and its use in the treatment of endometriosis, came across Yinstill’s website online and booked an appointment. I had expected a course of acupuncture but what I actually found was a holistic approach to improving my reproductive health: a 3-week cleanse followed by a course of Chinese herbs, dietary and exercise advice, acupuncture and most importantly, somebody who asked detailed questions about my menstrual cycle, sexual health and pain levels.

It was at this point that I realized that my menstrual experiences: extreme breast tenderness for 2 weeks leading up to a period, pain before and during my period, diarrhoea and heavy flow with blood clots were not normal, were linked to endometriosis and could be improved by following the TCM advice. I started to notice an improvement within a month. I couldn’t believe it when I didn’t get any breast tenderness at all (something that I have lived with since my early teens) and within two months I was able to have an Advil free period for the first time, again since my teens. I have also noticed that my periods are less heavy and that the blood is now a healthy red colour rather than a rusty brown colour.

I am also pain-free with my endometriosis – the pain I noticed when sitting down on a chair has gone and I feel the healthiest that I ever have. A bonus side effect of following the Yinstill healthy eating plan is that I have lost the 20lbs I had gained over the last few years and my weight remains at this new healthy amount.

I believe that it is the combination of acupuncture, herbs, healthy eating and exercise that has provided the improvements in my menstrual cycle, endometriosis pain and my general health. I am so pleased that I found Spence, as he set me on the right track to improving my health in a holistic way without resorting to surgery and pain medication. I am now ready to live my life this way because I know that it will help in all areas of my general well being.

– W.G.

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