Why I Love Imago

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I am so glad that Imago came into my life. I have grown tremendously as a therapist and as a wife. Personally, I practice what I have learned in how I show up in the world and in my marriage. Professionally, I teach my experience to couples and individuals, so that they too can feel confident, aware, and intentional. I'm just happier in general! I feel strongly that everyone should have to learn these tools in becoming an adult, as these are essential life skills. Relationships are such a big part of our lives and deeply impact our quality of life. We should all feel educated and competent in how we relate to others. Imago tenets apply to everyone, in particular, couples in conflict, those of us who are broken-hearted, and singles that want to be in a mature love relationship.

~ What distinguishes Imago from other therapies is that it provides an immediate, positive impact on relationships. Imago comes with tools to manage conflict in a way that feels safe and supportive.

~ People are born in relationship, wound in relationship, and heal in relationship – we are all in relationship all of the time, we need them, we crave them. They can be painful, and they also be the best feeling in the world.

~ We are attracted to people that fit an unconscious profile of our primary caregivers and our lost parts – parts of ourselves we didn't get to develop, causing imbalance and tendencies to project onto others (mostly onto our partner).

~ Conflict in relationships is good. It presents us with an opportunity for self growth, healing from our partner, and to develop compassion for ourselves and our partner.

~ Relationships consist of stages: Romantic Love, Power Struggle, Mature Love. It is important to move through each stage and not give up.

~ How a couple manages conflict is the key to everlasting love.

~ The Imago intentional dialogue (a communication tool taught in therapy) shifts the conversation away from blame, shame, and criticism, and toward mutual support and understanding.

~ A couple learns that all people make sense all of the time if we listen long enough!

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