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10 Foods to Boost Male Health

A healthy diet and exercise can help overall health but there are some foods that have proper nutrients that will improve cardiovascular health and reproductive health in men.

Foods that are good for cardiovascular health are known to be good for circulation all throughout your body this includes your reproductive health! Below are the top 10 foods recommended for men’s health, however, keep in mind that not just one food or even a handful of foods are beneficial but more importantly an overall balanced lifestyle.

1. Oysters… yes as traditionally known are the food of love, because of their high zinc content.
2. Bananas… rich in potassium, without this mineral your heart couldn’t beat! Potassium helps your cells use glucose for energy. If not a fan of bananas, try avocados, they are high in potassium as well.
3. Fish; high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D.
4. Broccoli; eat your cruciferous veggies.
5. Brazil Nuts; high amounts of magnesium and selenium which are powerful antioxidants.
6. Whole grains; eating the right whole grains are essential for fiber, vitamin and mineral content.
7. Plant Stanols; naturally occurring substances in your fruits and vegetables… eat your veggies!
8. Organic Soybeans; soy is rich in isoflavones which are important for prostate health.
9. Berries and Cherries; yes… you guessed it the rich violet, blue and red colors are a great source of antioxidants.
10. Red-Orange Vegetables/ Dark Leafy Greens… for high amounts of overall nutrients!

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