50 ways to light up your lover

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If I asked you to come up with 50 ways to light up your lover, could you? One of my coaches just posted this on Facebook…
-Ginger candies
-Take for walk on beach
-Give message
-Rake to comedy show
-Write a poem
-Buy a new ring
-Restate my marriage vows
-Tell my mom what she means to me in her presence
-Tell kids “
-Challenge her to strip poker
-kiss her every time I see her
-Open the car door, other doors
-Hug her from behind
-Leave love note
-Thank her
-Tell her about my favorite time together
-Ask if I can get her anything often
-Do a play for her with kids
-Pretend we just met
-Post of FB how amazing she is
-Tell her a secret
-Eye gaze
-Take a picture together
-Take her up to Pypress at night
-Wipe away her tears
-Give undivided attention
-Buy a gift certificate from Lush
-Hold her for no reason
-Buy her a back rest fro work
-Make her a collage with kids
-Buy her a necklace
-Get her a new phone
-Make her breakfast before work on Sunday
-Ask about her next bucket list in life
-Tell her I'll do anything for her
-Get kids to tell the things they like about her
-Send her an e-mail
-Laugh lovingly at a mistake with a hug and kiss
-Take her shopping
-get photo's of us together
-Make her lunch for work
-Drive/Pick her up to/for work
-Sing her a song
-Write more songs about her
-Take a short 30sec video selfy telling her how much she means to me and post it on Youtube then send her the link.
-Pretend to be a Prince and call up to her window with playing a favorite song
-Mail a hand written real letter
-Get her mom to help throw a really nice Bday party for her next year
-Buy a day at the spa for her


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