Accessible mindfullness: some tools for exploring yourself

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A friend sent me the following link earlier this week and I have been absolutely engrossed in it. I wanted to share one of the most accessible summaries of Buddhism that I have experienced. I hope that you also find it to be a great introduction into the experience of a different perspective on how to approach the world.

In working with many different health concerns over the past seven years and using acupuncture to assist people with these concerns, I have found that people really appreciate the connection back to their body that acupuncture can provide. This reconnection has a profound way of assisting in how we process daily stress and the challenges that we are faced with. The following lecture explores this connection and mindfullness in at times a comical way through exploring different aspects of the self.

For women and couples that are facing challenges of fertility, the blame that is self directed or imposed on each other can be quite limiting and even destructive. Knowing that you are not broken and freeing yourself from this idea of being damaged is so important for wellness and improving the possibility of conceiving.

By: Dr. Harris Fisher

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