Advanced Maternal Age and Fertility

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A big piece here is to understand how to guide intention. As the body ages it gives less and less resources to the function of reproduction. This happens as a result of the body’s decrease in overall resources and the growing need of other more life sustaining systems. Thus, a decline in the health of the reproductive organs (eggs included) when a woman is over the age of 35.

These simple facts direct our goals for treatment in traditional Chinese medicine;

1. cultivate more healthy resources (herbal medicine, supplements, diet)
2. direct these resources to the reproductive organs (acupuncture, stress management)

It is important to understand how age is a determining factor when it comes to fertility potential, but it is not the only one. Overall health, and increased resources play a huge role in optimizing fertility, especially with advanced maternal age. You cannot turn back your reproductive clock, but you can optimize the potential that is still within you and god willing, have a happy healthy baby.

Lastly, it is my opinion that there are 4 main diagnostic tests that best determine your remaining fertility potential;

1. traditional Chinese medicine assessment (ABORM certified)
2. Antral follicle count (AFC) ultrasound
3. Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) blood test
4. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and Estradiol blood tests (Day 3)

Remember, if there is potential, with commitment and perseverance with treatment, and a little faith, it may be possible to fulfill your dream.

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