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Are You Cooking Your Balls?

Don’t Cook Your Balls, yup, you heard right! This is an amazing website which is a self-proclaimed ‘A Light-Hearted Guide to Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health’.
Are You Cooking Your Balls? Complete the 10 minute questionnaire NOW, it will provide personalized recommendations for how to optimize your fertility.
Are You Cooking Your Balls?

The topic of male factor infertility, and basically anything related to male sexual or reproductive health needs to be approached with a healthy pinch of humour, mixed with real world facts about what the heck is really going on. For any men out there faced with difficulties conceiving, ‘Don’t Cook Your Balls’ has a great free online questionnaire that provides a risk assessment for infertility based on a man’s lifestyle habits. The final report outlines the problems for each individual and provides solutions and information on how to make healthy changes.


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