Beyond my gratitude for her support

My journey with Junko started about three years ago and I now consider acupuncture sessions with her an important part of maintaining health and returning to health when I get overly stressed or make less good choices. Acupuncture with Junko works for my mental health and emotional well-being in addition to the excellent results for my reproductive health. Before getting treatments with Junko, I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and my husband and I were experiencing repeated failed attempts to get pregnant for almost a year.

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A true asset to the birthing community

I worked with Harris through the whole pregnancy cycle: conception through post-partum.

I first sought treatment with Harris after a couple years of trying to conceive. At my first appointment Harris began to share his wealth of knowledge about conception and I received my first acupuncture treatment. After just a few sessions, I learned I was pregnant. We were thrilled.

Near the end of my pregnancy I returned to Harris to prepare my body for childbirth.

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