Embryo Transfer Day Acupuncture Points

For those who have chosen to utilize acupuncture on the day of their embryo transfer, the following post is intended to offer some insight into the functions of the acupuncture points administered.

There has been much research done regarding the addition of acupuncture treatments before and after an embryo transfer. Most of the evidence leans toward the results of increased live birth rates. This benefit is closely accompanied by the supportive nature of the treatments and the stress-reducing effects.

On-Site embryo transfer day acupuncture at PCRM, Genesis. & Grace fertility is administered 1-1.5 hours before your transfer is scheduled, and again immediately after. For patients of Olive fertility, we administer transfer day acupuncture protocols within 24 hours prior to and again within 24 hours post embryo transfer.

Here is an analysis of the pre-IVF-embryo transfer points in the Paulus protocol used by Yinstill:

  • DU20 (Bai Hui/Hundred Meetings) is for calming the spirit (stress) and supporting the lifting action of the Qi to support implantation.
  • ST29 (Gui Lai/Return) is traditionally indicated for infertility, amenorrhea, and influences the ovaries and vagina. It is also reported to treat inflammation of the reproductive connective tissues, which is an inevitable side effect in an IVF fresh cycle with one’s own eggs.
  • P6 (Nei Guan/Inner Gate) is a common point to calm the Heart and spirit. It can also suppress pain. Additionally, it can influence the cervix and promote its opening and relaxation, an ideal function when undergoing any cervical manipulation with a speculum (i.e. embryo transfer).
  • SP8 (Di Ji/Earth’s Mechanism) is an ideal point for minimizing uterine cramping from the transfer itself, as well as for treating abdominal bloating, another inevitable side effect of IVF stimulation medications.
  • LIV3 (Tai Chong/Great Pouring) is an ideal point to soothe emotions. It supports the Liver and influences the genitals. The latter functions are important for the actual procedure of speculum insertion and Liver-type anxiety.

The ear points:

The Left ear is used strategically to enhance the calming/inhibitory actions of these points7.

  • Shenmen is a very common point for stress and anxiety. It has sedative and analgesic effects.
  • Brain is used for endocrine and urogenital systems.

The Right ear is used to enhance its supportive functions.

  • Uterus supports the uterus.
  • Endocrine supports the reproductive endocrinological functions of the body and is used for urogenital and gynecological conditions.

The treatment post-embryo transfer points in the Paulus protocol used by Yinstill:

  • LI4 (He Gu/Adjoining Valleys) can minimize pain in the uterus, circulating Qi in the uterus to prevent cramping or motility, a long-suspected reason for IVF failure. 
  • ST36 (Zu San Li/) is combined with LI4 to tonify and regulate Qi and Blood to prevent cramping. This point is indicated for pain and distension in the lower abdomen.
  • SP10 (Xue Hai/Sea of Blood) improves blood circulation. It also prevents cramping and can treat a distended abdomen.
  • SP6 (San Yin Jiao/Three Yin Intersection) nourishes the Yin receptive aspects of 3 important organs important for whole health and reproduction. 


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