Fertility, Naturopathic Medicine, & Menstrual Cycle Harmony

Dr. Liza Klassen is a fertility-focused naturopathic doctor at Yinstill Reproductive Wellness in Vancouver & Surrey BC and founder of Cycle with your Cycle – a 4-week transformational journey for your reproductive health.

It is her mission to help women reconnect with their bodies, their inner knowing and their cycles. She believes that when women deeply know and trust themselves, they make empowered decisions. And when these women become mothers, they change the health of generations to come.

Whether you desire conception now, soon or someday – she is committed to helping you achieve the fertility and hormonal health of your dreams.

Ways to Connect with Dr. Liza

Work with her 1:1 at Yinstill: https://yinstill.janeapp.com/location

Follow Her on Instagram (@dr.lizaklassen): https://www.instagram.com/dr.lizaklas

Spring Fertility Reset: https://drlizaklassen.thrivecart.com/

Cycle with your Cycle: http://cwyc.lizaklassen.com

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