First Days of Life Determine Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

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Exposure to estrogens in the first days and weeks of a newborns life may be the cause of irreversible Polycystic Ovaries according to neurobiochemistry research from the University of Santiago Chile. This affects follicular/egg development and ovulation causing the characteristic long or absent menstrual cycles of women with polycystic ovaries.

Unfortunately this does not help the women currently suffering with PCOS, but it does cultivate hope for future generations of women if we can properly educate on how to avoid this exposure. The following is a list of common estrogenic or xenoestrogenic (chemically very similar to estrogen therefore manifesting similar effects on humans) or known endocrine disrupting substances to avoid. The study researches the days and weeks immediately after birth, but I am going to go out on a limb and recommend these things also be avoided when either trying to conceive or pregnant.

  • Non-organic animal products (meats, eggs, dairy)
  • Water that has been stored in a plastic container
  • Cleaning agents that contain scent (laundry, body, hair, dish, household)
  • Birth control pills / oral contraceptives
  • Marijuana
  • Dryer sheets and fabric softeners
  • Excess soy or flaxseed consumption, especially non-organic
  • Cosmetic lines that are not completely transparent about their ingredients
  • Do not microwave foods in plastic
  • Do not microwave foods
  • Air fresheners
  • BPA bispheol A plastics
  • Sunscreen containing 4-MBC
  • domestic and agricultural pesticides
  • PVC pipes
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