Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

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In Canada – corn (feed and some sweet varieties), soy, sugar beets, and canola are approved GMO's to be farmed and sold to market.

In the US (and many other countries) – the above as well as alfalfa, cotton, papaya, and squash (zuchinni and yellow) are cultivated.

So far these are the only 8 GMO crops approved for growing on planet earth.

The US, Brazil, and Argentina grow over 75% of the worlds GMO foods listed above.

Contrary to common beleif, there is no GMO wheat, tomatoes or potatoes.

But that doesn't these big companies do not keep trying to introduce new GMO foods to the market. In Canada applications to introduce GMO apples and fast growing Atlantic Salmon are in government hands. In other parts of the world an eggplant and a type of rice is attempting to go to full production.

This is, plainly put, big corporate control over our foods and seed supply. We just cannot let this continue, too much is at stake. Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow, and BASF control all the GMO seeds in the world, 60% of the total commercial seed market, and 76% of the global agricultural chemical production and sales. If this isn't a conflict of interest for the human race I do not know what is.

What could this all mean for our future health and the health of the planet? No one knows. Bottom line, if that is the best answer we can get, this human experiment should stop now.

You can help by not buying GMO products, spreading the word about this, and getting your friends and family to sign this petition regarding the GMO apple –

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