How to Naturally Optimize SPERM

How to naturally optimize sperm. The Healthy Sperm Treatment Plan developed by Spence Pentland. It used clinically at Yinstill Reproductive Wellness clinics covers a wholistic perspective of recommendations to improve sperm and male fertility, sexual function and testosterone, and create healthy dads.

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For over a decade as Yinstill, and another decade in addition personally, I have been working with couples trying to get pregnant. In that time, I have seen very little to no change in the way conventional medicine treats men. In short, there is very little they can do for men who have no obvious reasons for male factor infertility or sperm issues.

It also makes it particularly difficult for us to convince men that there are things they can do when their doctor has told them that their sperm is ‘fine’ or ‘ok’. News flash, this is what is told to every man. If their sperm isn’t good, ICSI is always at the back of the physicians mind as ‘the’ option to overcome the issues. ICSI is a solution for many couples, which is an amazing miracle of modern science and tech. But it begs the question; ‘will the qualities in the sperm be passed along and manifest as reproductive concerns in the offspring?’ 

We know that this answer is, at least in some cases, ‘yes’. So then it seems obvious that we should do all we can to naturally optimize sperm, and the overall health of the man (metabolic, cardiovascular, mental-emotional). Not only does it support the couples chances of getting pregnant, but also pave the way for being a healthy happy father.


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