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I like reading articles from the Huffington Post that pertain to infertility. Their writers are clever insightful real people – I guess this is why it has gained the critical acclaim that it has. Thank you Arianna Huffington.

I took stock of a snap shot of all the posts on this website about infertility and found something very interesting, what has inspired this blog post today. It is my estimate that 50% of the infertility related posts focus on the etiquette surrounding infertility. Thankfully infertility education has become more prominent in pop culture and awareness is growing – but it also seems that often a little knowledge can manifest worse effects than no knowledge at all and simply practicing the art of listening when a friend struggling confides in you.

If you or someone you know is struggling with infertility I recommend visiting the Huffington Post, searching the key term 'infertility', and taking some time to read through some of these wonderful articles. Forward posts that resonate with you to friends and family that could benefit. Spread the word, raise awareness, learn better how to help those who suffer.


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