Magic key that opened the doors to their kingdom…

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It's the classic story; a brave knight worked tirelessly for one king then another, protecting their kingdom and ensuring its success and security of bounty. He grew wise in the ways of running a kingdom and was appointed the honor of becoming advisor to the king regarding all matters. The brave knight dreamed of one day having his own kingdom, his vision manifest, yet it felt out of his grasp, something else was needed, a piece was missing. Along comes a fair maiden (didn't see that coming right!), they fall in love, have children, and wake each day happy, full of passion and desire. The piece that was missing was no longer. Alas, it was time to build a vision together, one that will fulfill the family and produce their cup to overflow. It was time to become a King and Queen, and create a kingdom of their own, with their ideas and values, dreams and desires. It was time to lead people and be a leader, play a part in helping others live well and fulfill their own visions. As luck may have it, a very special package landed on their door step one day, it was a Magic key that opened the doors to their kingdom. Finally, the brave knight can let his light shine onto his dream!

It is was not clear, the brave knight is me Dr. Pentland, the fair maiden is my lovely wife Chantal, and the kingdom in Yinstill.

I want to thank everyone who has played a role in making this happen. It has been a whirlwind labour of love with generous help from my family (mom, dad, brother, wife, kids), as well as many others essential encouragement and support, such as my current and past wonderful clients, and the amazing team at the Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine, and IVF centre Yinstill works closely with in Burnaby.

Yinstill will be a destination for people managing their way through reproductive health issues. The team of professionals at Yinstill will include Doctors of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Counsellors, Registered Massage Therapists, Naturopathic Doctors, and more.

We hope you find the time to pop by, check out the Gallery aspect of Yinstill, as it will be featuring new local artists every 4 months. As well, the clinic is on Main and 19th, a great area for shopping, local boutique clothing stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and people watching!

Yinstill has been born!


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