Massage for Common Pregnancy Aches & Pains

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Feeling stressed and nervous is not unusual in pregnancy but some experts say prolonged severe stress can cause complications. Self Care is an important aspect for a mother-to-be to keep in her daily practice as her life is about to change. Make time to rest, try deep breathing and utilize massage during pregnancy for relief of many common aches & pain. Here is just a just a few examples of what we see on the massage table seeking mechanical relief:

Lower back and Hip ache
Upper back and neck ache
Pain under the ribs
Pubic pain
Pain in the Groin
Numbness and Tingling in the hands
Reoccurring night cramps in the legs

Learn to love your special moments of peace and relaxation as you receive treatment. Visiting your massage therapist regularly, every 2-4 weeks to manage these pain and stress can make a difference in your connection to your overall well-being. Benefit from lower blood pressure and a calm heart rate, providing relaxation to your mind and body and improving the blood flow to the baby. Frequency of treatment will depend on your degree of pain and your personal commitment to building healthy self care habits. A plan can be discussed with your therapist today. So, why not start a good habit early. Talk to us today about your goals for relief.

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