On Being Still

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. This pretty much goes without saying. It really is a wonder that we thrive, that our bodies continue to perform their varied and miraculous functions almost seamlessly through the stress of it all…our hearts continue beating, our muscles contract and release upon constant demand, our hormones continue to be secreted in harmony with our internal physical orchestrations and our perceived external circumstances. Yes, our bodies can (and spontaneously will) walk the tightrope of nervous tension and adversity, there’s no doubt about it. Our bodies adapt naturally and, more often than not, without much ado. There is a way we can help to make that balancing act an even smoother (and more pleasurable!) journey.  Here’s how…

Find a quiet and comfortable spot and just sit. Be still. That’s all. Listen to your breath. Listen to your thoughts. Watch them enter and exit your consciousness without getting serious about any one of them. Do nothing. Just be. Revel in the undeniable genius and beauty of you.

If this sounds impossibly impossible and like your version of the worst nightmare (hopefully it doesn’t!), simply try starting with one minute a day (you can extend these sessions as you begin to feel more comfortable with the process). As you incorporate this practice, you will most likely start to notice an increased ease of existence. It might feel like time begins to expand and tasks that may typically have been difficult, now seem effortless to execute. It might seem as if your brain/intellect/spirit now has a greater acuity as a result of the calmness that being still can’t help but promote.

Emotions might flow in a more natural fashion, frustrations might appear less often, or at least for shorter periods of time. Your physical body might start to feel lighter, and you might notice that you are just feeling overall more comfortable in it. Your body/mind/spirit might feel more balanced, a measurable indicator of this being regular menstrual cycles, bearing witness to a happy and harmonized hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian (HPO) axis.

As a regular subscriber to the practice of being still, I naturally have only glowing things to report on the topic. Don’t just take my word for it, give it a  try and see how you feel. Everyone is different, and different from one day to the next. Some people prefer music, others prefer tuning in to the sound of their breath. One person might prefer lying down one day, while on another find comfortable bliss positioned in a full Yogi lotus pose. Find the brand of stillness that works for you today. I wish you serenity and joy wherever your practice of stillness may lead you!


Alison Lumley



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