Vancouver Infertility Story #1

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“We became pregnant, without 'trying' within our first year of marriage (2012). I began light spotting and went to see my doctor. The doctor scheduled an ultrasound and though we thought I was almost 10 weeks pregnant, the baby was only measuring 7.5 weeks. I was prescribed Misoprostol to pass the tissue. My first miscarriage (Sept. 2012) was devastating. I was told that this is normal for a lot of women (though neither of my 2 sisters has ever miscarried; they each have 2 children). My mother miscarried twice, I believe. In Dec. 2012, we began 'trying' for the first time to get pregnant. We began using a fertility monitor. Within a couple months, I became pregnant again (Feb. 2013). I miscarried very early (5 weeks). I began spotting and the blood flow began to get heavier and heavier. Again, I felt feelings of devastation, but this time layered with fear. We read a lot. We began reading up on miscarriage and other people's similar experiences. This was both relieving at times and, of course, at other time, more frightening. Nonetheless, determined to begin a family together, we began to look elsewhere for support and help. We began seeing Dr. Seethram at PCRM in April 2013. We had a lot of testing and blood work done. All results came back fine; there were no signs of issues whatsoever. I was prescribed Progesterone to take post-ovulation in May 2013. In July, Dr. Seethram scheduled a hysteroscopy to have a closer look at my uterus. He found a 4mm dip at the top of my uterus; nothing out-of-the-ordinary enough, according to Dr. Seethram, to prevent me from staying pregnant. We continued 'trying' to get pregnant. I became pregnant again (Sept. 2013) and continued taking Progesterone. I also began taking low-dose Aspirin. I felt very pregnant. My symptoms included fatigue, dizziness, constipation and breast tenderness. I began spotting at around 5 weeks. I went for my first ultrasound at 6.5 weeks and saw/heard a heartbeat. Because PCRM wanted to closely monitor my pregnancy, I was scheduled for another ultrasound a week later. At 7.5 weeks there was no heartbeat this time. This time, the only thing I can remember feeling was fear. Fear that maybe I'm not capable of carrying a baby to term. I was prescribed Misoprostol again this time to aid with passing tissue. I was directed to collect a sample of my tissue so that it could be sent for testing. The results came back (Jan. 2014) stating that the tissue sample wasn't large enough of a sample size for testing. Just a few weeks ago, Dr. Seethram, We decided to come up with a clear 6-month plan for fertility. We will try for another 2 months naturally to conceive, if unsuccessful, I will begin taking Clomid after my period in March and begin 3 months of IUI in April. If still unsuccessful, we will begin IVF in July.”

Vancouver Infertility Stories are actual submissions of women who will be coming to Yinstill to integrate complimentary and alternative care into their fertility journey. They are intended to be snapshots into other women's lives, to know that you are not alone. Please click Vancouver Infertility Stories to read more stories like this.

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