Vancouver Infertility Story #3

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“Been with hubby for 7 years, we got married in 2012 and started trying for a family. I have not taken the pill since 2007, I didn't feel that great on it, worked in tourism so was hard to always make sure I had a supply and I just wanted to let my body be. Hubby was very supportive and we used condoms until we started trying. For the first few months is was a more casual approach. My GP had asked me to take folic acid and ensure that we were having sex every other day around day 14 of my cycle. She new that we led active, healthy lifestyles, so recommended that we just carry on as regular.

About 5 months in I felt very different after mid cycle (I was not tracking ovulation then), my boobs became super sensitive and huge! (well to us anyway) even hubby noticed the difference and it seemed like I was growing out of my bras and shirts. We were very optimistic as we had read that this could be a sign. I started to feel nauseous and super tired in the afternoon around 2 or 3. On occasion a little faint. I have very regular periods, so when I didn't get my period on day 27 we tested (in the afternoon) and it was negative. Symptoms continued and no period came. I tested 2 or 3 days later, still negative and then I started spotting that day. Spotted for 2 to 3 days and then got a 2 day period. My next period was on time but very heavy. Both hubby and I were gutted, we really thought that was going to be our time.

After all of this I started to chat to friends more and read more. In December 2012 I started tracking my temperature every morning and using ovulation sticks. For a while I was tracking everything and it made me a little neurotic, this was really difficult for hubby to handle.

We have a good relation with both of our GP's, so after 9 months of trying we started to do blood and sperm work. I have emailed you all of our results to date. hubby had one abnormal sperm test result, and my only test out of range was FSH. Dr. Levitt decided to refer us the Genesis.

During the wait for our appointment we have tried working with a naturopath and have taken a variety of supplements. I also did acupuncture with them every week for 2 cycles, however they had limited experience with fertility and we were not 100% satisfied that we were in the best hands.

About 3 weeks ago we had our first appointment with Dr. Sonya Kashyap, and since then things have been moving very quickly. She explained we fell into unexplained infertility (by now we have been trying for 14 months). She was slightly concerned by my FSH level so performed an internal ultrasound that day (big shock for hubby!). The test showed that I had a good lining (was a day before my period) but that it looked like I had a heart shaped uterus. Dr. Kashyap confirmed that I had ovulated but did not see as many follicles as she would like. She decided that I should get an AMH test to check my ovarian reserve (which she believes is diminishing) and a Hysteroscopy to check my uterus.

She informed us that we could try clomid that month, as we had just had my HSG test and she mentioned increased pregnancy rates in the first 6 months after the test.

We decided to hold off until I had the Hysteroscopy. We were lucky enough to get an appointment 12 days later and it confirmed that I have a partial septate uterus. I have been referred to a surgical gynecologist and should have the correction procedure in 3-6 months. Dr. Kashyap told hubby and I that they would want to fix it before IVF, but we could continue with IUI. This did not make sense to us and when I questioned it it seemed to come down to the money that was spent on IVF.

As we were not completely satisfied with the answer we connected with our close friend in Ontario, a TCM practitioner. She opened our eyes to alternatives and made us believe that we have more than just IUI and IVF. Although we know that for many this route is successful, and we are not opposed, we would like to have the best possible chances to conceive and stay pregnant.

A friend in Vancouver came to see you for acupuncture and recommend that we get in touch. After doing some research we are very keen to hear your take on everything and ensure that we are in the best possible state/mind to conceive.

We're looking forward to connecting with you on our phone call on Tuesday.”

Vancouver Infertility Stories are actual submissions of women who will be coming to Yinstill to integrate complimentary and alternative care into their fertility journey. They are intended to be snapshots into other women's lives, to know that you are not alone. Please click Vancouver Infertility Stories to read more stories like this.

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