Weight Loss with Lady Boss

Interview with Millie ‘LadyBoss‘ Debs

Weight loss can be a vital component of infertility. Losing weight may be key to realizing your dream of becoming a mother. But, this journey can be very difficult, and I am sure you have tried many things in the past that have had limited or no success for the long term. This is where I believe LadyBoss is different than any other weight loss ‘program’ out there, mostly because it isn’t simply just a program. LadyBoss is ushering in a new era of how women will approach weight loss, and I am excited for you to dive in and finally get the results you have always wanted, and now may absolutely need.  ~ Spence


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Spence: Hello, everyone, welcome to the Conception Channel podcast, brought to you by the Being Fertile Program in Yinstill Reproductive Wellness. I’m your host Spence Pentland, and today, I am very excited to be able to speak with our special guest from Lady Boss, Millie. Millie and I connected not that long ago, I love her name because that’s my dear grandma’s name, and you said it was your grandma’s name as well.

Millie: Yes.

Spence: It’s a family name. My Millie was the sweetest thing in the world and you seem sweet as well so far. Thanks for joining us, Millie.

Millie: Absolutely. Thanks for having me.

Spence: Excellent. Millie is here today to help us better understand the resource that I found. I’m constantly looking for resources for my patient population. I came across a Lady Boss kind of inadvertently, but the more I understand about it, the more it seems to be such a great resource, such a great community, a run from a business perspective even, really magnificently, and I know you can attest all this because you are now not just working with Lady Boss but you are a success story of Lady Boss.

Millie: Yes, that’s right, which is the only reason I’m working for Lady Boss, because of how much it has done for me, it changed my life. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum.

Spence: So, primarily, Lady Boss, I won’t do it justice, can you give people the cold notes of what Lady Boss is?

Millie: Yes. Lady Boss is a weight loss program for women, we are like the most empowering women on the planet, we focus on fitness, nutrition and accountability and self-love. I’m just going to tell you our mission of the Lady Boss. The mission of Lady Boss is to help women lose weight while loving themselves again. We help women gain

back their confidence and improve the overall quality of their life, and change the health of their entire family tree. We do this by providing the best information, products and services possible, and those three pillars, nutrition, fitness and accountability. And we know that we are successful every time we create a complete physical and mental transformation of one of our customers. So, that’s our mission. It’s a trainer, Kaelin Poulin is the founder. She is the trainer, right in your pocket. And as for nutrition and accountability, she teaches you how to do those things on your own and to be able to do it long-term, like lifestyle.

Spence: The founder is the success story of her self and that is where the Lady Boss was born from, from my understanding, right?

Millie: Yes.

Spence: Its testament mostly lies in the amount of success stories that there are. You just have to go to the website to get lost in the success stories that are there.

Millie: Yes, thousands of women have had so much success, thousands and thousands.

Spence: It’s crazy, right? And not just temporary success, so many diets. If you crash diet, you could lose weight, but that’s not success.

Mille: Exactly. I tried a lot of that myself before I found Lady Boss. I had weight challenges since I was in elementary school. Then, growing up, teenage years, I tried everything, diets like Keto, I did Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, I even tried starving myself, I was bulimic at one point, so, all those things that really don’t offer any real solutions to your challenges and problems.

Spence: What’s the size of the community that is like very interactive? I know there’s Facebook groups and a whole bit, there’s coaching and all kinds of things if you do step in and enroll in Lady Boss, so it’s hugely supportive. I think that’s probably why most people fall off of anything, is they don’t have support and accountability.

Milliee: Yes, absolutely. One of my missing links was not having the support, no one

was on the same page as me, so it was really hard to do, like improve your health when you don’t have the support. We do have a community on Facebook and there’s like over 60,000 women now active daily, and it’s just incredible. Like you said, there’s other realms, other coaching programs, the most committed lady bosses, and it’s one on one accountability and support with an expert coach. So, there is so many different ways, but the support in the community, seeing all those women that are doing things that you want to be doing, and behaviors and emotions are contagious, and definitely, it’s such a huge factor. So many programs that can give you your meal plan, that can give you your workout plan, but they are not going to hold you accountable for that, it’s your mindset that is going to get you do those things.

Spence: I think that’s kind of inadvertently how I understood more about Lady Boss, doing podcast or something – I don’t exactly remember but they are speaking about the power of the Facebook group that is part of this. And if a Facebook group has a lot of momentum like that, it’s like having a bunch of girlfriends at your fingertips that are going through the same thing that can help you out of having a tough spot, right?

Millie: Yes, absolutely. There are so many kinds of different women in there, in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, there are stay-at-home moms – we all have different challenges. There are women that have PCOS, hyperthyroidism, that have fertility challenges, there’s women that are battling ovarian cancer, there’s women that are competing in body building competitions, women trying to lose 200 pounds. So, we are all different but same in the fact that we want to see everyone succeed, and that we are overcoming some of these challenges even though we have different challenges, that’s what they are – challenges. None of them are bigger than us, that’s for sure.

Spence: Yes. So, to help people maybe understand what Lady Boss is, do you mind sharing your story of kind of where you came from, how you got into it and what the result has been?

Millie: I’d love to so. I started Lady Boss a couple of years ago and, like I said before, I had weight challenges since I was a kid. And growing up, my mom, she wasn’t very nice, she was calling me names and stuff, always calling me fat, make me diet, but, all

that did was just give me a belief system that I was always going to be like that, like that’s who I was. I just never really had a perception of taking care of myself, loving myself, exercising, eating healthy, I always thought I had to do bad things to be healthy. Basically, I went up and down my whole life with my weight, I too had some fertility challenges. I did have pregnant and had a baby but my pregnancy was really traumatizing. I gained 92 pounds, I became pre-diabetic and I had to go into emergency induction – it was really traumatizing. After I became a mom, my same habits carried over with me, I was still really struggling, I was severely depressed, I was still pre-diabetic, I didn’t lose any of my baby weight really, I did a little bit but it all came back. I was extremely unhealthy and unhappy as well. I was like settling for so many areas in my life, lying in my bed all day. My daughter was watching me do that so I had a breakthrough like a turning point kind of, I had a lot, but the big one that really struck me was, my employer at the time called me aside – I was managing a retail store – and told me that I had bad habits. They said, Millie, you need to lose weight, you are kind of unhealthy, you are representing our store at our company. And that was really hard to hear, I didn’t know how to take that first. At first, I wanted to quit my job, I was like offended, but then, I went home and I realized they were right. I was eating fast food four times a day, I was living off of coke, I never exercised, I would just tell myself negative things all the time. At that point, I started to make some changes, I tried to start to drink much water, I tried to stop eating so much fast food, I just did the basics. We all need basic foundations to be healthy, so I started there. And then, I was on Facebook one night, at home, it was late, I was screwing around and I saw this blonde girl jumping on a trampoline, she had this energy, she was beautiful, she was fit and healthy, she was happy. Everything about her was, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ I was like, ‘I want that, I want to be like that! I want to be like her, I want to love myself’. I looked into the program, I tried so many things, I was really skeptical, I heard all these testimonies and I realized I had nothing to lose. It was a free experience to join the community, and so I did. And when I joined, I got this trainer and I had it like in my pocket. I had a gym phobia, I was really nervous about going to the gym. And I did, but I only did cardio and stuff. So, this trainer was to teach me how to work out and how to go to the gym and use all the machines, how to start doing my weight training. It wasn’t my gym membership that was getting me

to the gym, it was my confidence and my power, I knew what I was doing. She started teaching me about real nutrition, everyone thinks about eating healthy, it’s like, okay, I’ll just go and order chicken sandwich, that’s healthy. But, no, Lady Boss taught me about real nutrition and no complex carbs, healthy fats and proteins, and the right times of eating those foods, and gave me all these amazing recipes. I was a chef before, that’s one of my huge passions, I loved to cook. So, being able to make my own meals and recipes, it was like a huge thing for me. I loved that I could learn to do that and make healthy pizza with my daughter, healthy anything pretty much. I just became so much empowered with the support of the other ladies. When I got hard, I normally would have quit, they helped me to keep going. I lost 75 pounds, I maintain that for about a year now. It took me 10 months to lose it, but I gained so much more. When I go to my doctor’s office, he high fives me because I am healthy now, I am fit, I can go shopping, I can do whatever I want. My daughter is doing these things with me, she loves healthy food, she loves exercises, so it really is more than fitness and nutrition. It’s really about loving yourself and doing it every day, not just for like a little while. Every single day.

Spence: Something sustainable and supported. What I hear right is, one of your major motivations is the fact that your daughter is watching you, learning how to be a woman basically.

Millie: Right. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I was forced to self-reflect. And I didn’t realize how bad it was until I started to change. And then, I was able to look back and I was like, holy crap, I can’t believe that I lived a life like that. I can’t believe I did those things.

Spence: And I highlight that partly because I believe that one of the best gifts that you can give your children, even preconception is, because you can pass along habits, that’s for sure, and physiology is one of the best gifts you can give your child, born or unborn, is your health. And call it selfish, but I call it ‘selfull’. This is a perfect testimony to it. So, you dove into the community so deeply that now you work with Lady Boss. So, it’s opportunity there to.

Millie: Yes. I was really active in the community, I went to Lady Boss live last year, like a

workout event, it’s amazing. I got to meet all the cool people there and with my testimony and everything, I was so excited to come and work for the company.

Spence: This is a great resource, you want to lose weight and feel better about yourself, and try something that is not a crashed diet, is more of a lifestyle, long-term and sustainable commitment – what does Lady Boss look like? Is there steps to it or are there different things that you can do or products or coaching? Can you kind of go through that?

Millie: Yes. The first step is to join the trainer and that’s where you’re going to get the weekly meal plans, grocery list, recipes, workouts, even out eat section, there’s like over 70 restaurants that you can go out and eat. That’s like a foundation. A lot of ladies, they want it all figured out to start, but in reality, you just first have to start to figure it out.

Spence: I love that, that’s a great quote.

Millie: You take the foundation, and you are going to fumble, you are going to fall, and you are going to skip a workout or maybe eat something that you necessarily shouldn’t have, but the point is that you just keep on going. You start with that foundation and then kind of work on your habits, get used to that nutrition, and then, from there, there’s other things such as supplements, which are amazing. I kind of use them off and on. Then, there’s like ultimate transformational academy, which really focuses on your mindset, recreating your identity essentially. There is coaching for ladies that are just doing the hard time doing the exercise and the nutrition, with the support of the community. They need more, there is one-on-one coaching, it’s absolutely amazing. It’s a 12-week program, where it’s pretty much guaranteed you are going to get where you want to go.

Spence: That’s the accountability part, right?

Millie: Exactly. Something for everyone. You can join as a member for free, you can pay monthly, you can get a onetime lifetime membership, it’s $197 for the rest of your life. It’s so affordable. And coaching is very affordable for what it is.

Spence: The lifetime thing, that’s so affordable, because let’s face it, even if you get life right on the rails and you’re rolling and everything’s great and it’s been three years of shiny, happy, living the life that you want at the weight you want, life happens sometimes and you might get a little derailed, you can go back any time.

Millie: Absolutely. You are going to move, you might search for a job, people get sick, they go on vacation, it’s always the tool that you have to remind you of that what you want to do.

Spence: Cool. So, a huge community, all these different resources from Dietex size to accountability, to community and the Facebook group, some free resources for people that want to deep their toe in, first of course. I guess they meet you where you would like to be met too. There’s Facebook messenger support, there’s all kinds of different mediums, that’s the world we live in today. I think it’s run by millennials, so it’s pretty tech-savvy, right?

Millie: Definitely. All of the people that work for Lady Boss, they live the lifestyles themselves, we are all Lady Boss, the company has changed our lifestyle in some sort of way, so we are all super dedicated. The support stuff, they work tirelessly to help all the women in the community, answer their question, support them. I mean, it just never ends, the support never ends. Our mission is so powerful and we are so committed to it. Whatever capacity you are here, we are happy that you are here, we want to see you succeed.

Spence: I understand the business side of Lady Boss’s well, that’s where I kind of came in from, looking for. It is so successful and that’s why. Because of the support, and no business is successful if it doesn’t produce results. There’s that testimony. Lady Boss, as far as online – I don’t want to pigeonhole it into online weight loss, whatever it is, but it’s kind of reaping it, they are the gold standards these days.

Millie: Oh, my gosh, Lady Boss is exploding, and it’s not because we are great at business or whatever, it’s because we sell the product that works. And so many women are getting results from it, real women, moms, working moms, career women, military

women, nurses, they are getting real results. We’ve been able to help 1.4 million women in less than three years to lose weight and love themselves.

Spence: 1.4 million?

Millie: 1.4 million we’ve got in over 100 countries. Out of those 1.4 million, 170,000 of them have reached their weight loss and have been maintaining that. We take a lot of pride in that because 97% of women that lose weight, they end up getting it all back, plus on, with two years of losing it. That’s what makes us different. We are trying to put a big data in our statistics.

Spence: Totally. As we said on the start, anyone can lose – well, I shouldn’t say anyone but it’s easy to lose, it’s hard to maintain a life that keeps you on the rails. The bottom line is support, we need a village. It’s kind of the new generation of making sure that that happens, and the tool.

Millie: Absolutely. For me, I found that the biggest way to make that happen for yourself is to fall in love with this. I live a lifestyle that I love, I don’t dread exercise, I don’t dread healthy food, like I associate so much pleasure with those things. That is why I am able to do it consistently, I don’t go to gym hating it, talking myself out of it, I live a lifestyle that I love. I love the food I eat, everything, it’s so sustainable. Once you get into that mind frame, that you love the lifestyle that you are living, it’s effortless.

Spence: You have to become it.

Millie: You have to become a Lady Boss!

Spence: Under Millie’s professional profile, all she wrote was ‘Lady Boss Angel’. And professional experience, Lady Boss for life, I love what I get in those forms when I get them sent back from people. I want to reiterate that weight can be a causing factor in having difficulty conceiving and maintaining pregnancy to term, so it’s such an important piece for so many to find resources that are doing what Lady Boss is doing, I think is such a breath of fresh air, and I know that it may not be for absolutely everyone, maybe it is, I don’t know, but I want people to try it, to jump in and commit. Dive in, like you

said, it’s necessary to embody it. Give it a year, you’ve got to give everything a year. You’ve got to do what’s necessary and listen, pay attention and go through the steps.

Millie: You can be interested but you can’t just be interested, you have to be committed. And that’s basically what is going to get you there. Taking care of yourself, being healthy, like there is so many women in our community that have those infertility challenges. Taking care of yourself, nutrition, exercise, I mean, it’s amazing, amazing! The things I’ve seen, be able to do that for so many women and change their whole life. Go get signed up!

Spence: Yeah, go get signed up. If you are on the website or wherever, the link will be in the show notes, theladyboss.com. Everything is in there, if you need more information, you want to chat or better understanding, go check it out, otherwise, Millie, thank you so much for doing what you are doing. Your message, agreeing to talk on the show because it is important to hear from other women, what they are doing and how it’s working because there is so much crap out there that can just swallow your nuts. I was very discerning before, I wanted to do a podcast on weight loss program, or whatever would be, because I really truly think that Lady Boss is different.

Millie: We certainly are, and that’s for sure. We are proving it every single day helping women to take back their lives, empower them to put themselves first, take care of themselves, like you said before, self-love is not selfish, it’s absolutely necessary. You’ve got to give the best of you, so I’m there on the other side of the community to support all of you ladies and I’m just one of many. So, you should get really excited to be a Lady Boss.

Spence: Awesome! I love it anyway. It’s just so ‘me too.’ It’s so great. My only caveat, the last thing, is there ever going to be a Man Boss?

Millie: Not really, but there are so many husbands and boyfriends that start doing this lifestyles with their significant ones, and they even write to Lady Boss and say, ‘Wow, thank you, my wife, her mindset, her happiness, you know, our whole lives are improving, so, yes, absolutely, men bosses all the way, jump in, too. This could be in our

Facebook group.

Spence: I know they want to be in there anyway. All right, dear, thank you so much, Millie, for coming on the show. Anyone’s got questions, I’m sure they can find you or someone else to help them.

Millie: I’m here to help.

Spence: We will chat with you soon, go get signed up, everyone.

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