What is the "Junk" in Junk Food and Why Do We Love It So Much?

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The recent issue of the New York Times has an amazing article in it that outlines the extraordinary science behind creating junk food and making it so irresistible. With all the additives and chemical modifications that are being used to create so many of the pre-packaged foods we see in our local grocery stores, it is not surprising that our bodies have such a hard time utilizing these foods for nutritional purposes and for sustaining healthy functionality. Instead we see a growing prevalence of metabolic and endocrine disorders in areas of the world where these junk foods are most popular.

So the next time you want to get a quick snack or a convenient meal, get out of those middle aisles in your grocery store and reach for some fresh vegetables, a few nuts, or a piece of fruit to sustain you while you prepare a meal that is actually nurturing to your body.

New York Times article: The Extraordinary Science of Junk Food, by Michael Moss

By: Dr. Harris Fisher (Dr.TCM)

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