What is Visceral Manipulation?

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Visceral Manipulation (VM) is an anatomy based therapy that focuses on the movement and function of the organs and how they neurogenically and physically affect the rest of the body. VM uses gentle but specific fascial stretching and mobilization techniques of the organs in the thorax, abdomen, and pelvis.

What does a session look like?

Its starts with a general listening while client is standing, followed by a listening with a soft hand across the abdomen to get a more specific finding of what the body wants in that moment. Depending on the response specific techniques are used to release adhesions, undo restrictions, increase circulation in the area. To finish the organs rhythms are balance and the practitioner reevaluates.

Sessions are recommended in 30 minute chunks or can be combined into a regular 60 minute RMT treatment. Comfortable elastic waist pants and a sports bra are recommended by not necessary.

What is the benefit to having my organs treated?

The nervous system within the abdominal cavity is extensive and there is a wide variety of symptoms and conditions that VM can provide support for. Including but not limited to; heartburn, bowel distress, prolapsed tissues, hernias, anxiety, fatigue, shoulder pain, knee pain, low back issues, headaches, endometriosis, etc…

Come in today and meet Natalie Woodhouse, our RMT for your introduction to Abdominal massage.

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