You Are Not Broken

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Please take a moment to read these 2 paragraphs written by 2 famous female doctors who have dedcicated their lives to the treatment of women's health and fertility…

“If you have been told you are infertile, I have one message for you: There is no such thing as infertility; it is a myth. Rarely have I met a woman of childbearing age with all her reproductive organs intact who isn't capable of bearing children. As long as the anatomical structures are present, a medical diagnosis of 'infertility' is often a fallacy. Many factors can cause a woman to have difficulty conceiving, but once these factors are overcome and a woman's body is restored to health, conception can occur naturally…Take control of your own health, and trust yourself. No one is in tune with your body like you are. You have to learn to trust your instincts until your individual solution emerges. Above all, know that you are not broken…You can conceive. It may take more motivation and perseverance than you ever thought possible, but nature is on your side. With her gentle help and support, your child will come.”

– Dr. Randine Lewis, author 'The Infertility Cure'

“When we're willing to listen to our bodies and begin trusting ourselves as much as we trust outer authorities, all the rules change. And so does our biology. Statistics no longer apply to us. We enter the realm of miracles and undreamed-of possibilities.”

– Dr. Christiane Northrup, author 'Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom'

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