Adrienne Coombs

Growing up immersed in wilderness Adrienne took full advantage of her surroundings, spending all her free time mountain biking, hiking and snowboarding. Active her whole life, she felt the need to focus her studies on treating those with activity-related injuries. She began her education with a degree in Kinesiology at Langara College in Vancouver, B.C. Following this, she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in her hometown of Nelson. There, she finished the 5 year Doctorate of TCM. She went on to further her education and graduated from Matt Callison’s prestigious Sports Medicine Apprenticeship Program in San Diego, making her one of the only certified sports medicine acupuncturists in Canada.

Adrienne has since done several advanced courses in paediatrics, fertility, gynaecology, and urology which is a huge passion for her. She believes being able to support her patients through health and fertility with the practical principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most gratifying experience as a practitioner.

Adrienne’s mission is to provide a holistic, therapeutic approach to bettering one’s health. She focuses on nurturing and balancing the mind, body, and soul so that wellness can be achieved. As her patient, your experience is designed to help create a deeper sense of self and well being, healing what needs to heal, and more importantly, taking the time to have complete focus on you, your spirit, and your health.

For information on how to contact Adrienne or book an appointment visit our contact page.

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