Moninder Chana

Moninder’s journey to becoming a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner has lead her to become an exceptional practitioner.

She developed a strong foundation of the body’s anatomy and physiology, as well as a thorough understanding of medical research through a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, and discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine from her own personal experience struggling with Endometriosis. After finding TCM’s holistic approach to treating her symptoms she followed a growing passion for learning and treating reproductive health issues.

Moninder has been with Yinstill since 2015 in an administrative role while attending her TCM education. She has since completed a 5 year doctor of TCM program at PCU College of Holistic Medicine. As a registered TCM.P, Moninder utilizes both acupuncture and herbal medicinal treatment to help patients achieve their health goals.

Through working at the clinic, she gained valuable insight to the importance of gratitude and mindfulness and the mind-body connection. Moninder’s aim is to have you not only leave each treatment with a sense of calmness, but with tools needed to help you reach your goals.

Through her work with Yinstill, personal health struggles, academic and clinical training she brings a unique and valuable experience to her clinical practice. She deeply understands the physical and emotional toll that having a reproductive related health issues can have, and is an incredibly compassionate practitioner. With acupuncture, herbs, diet & lifestyle coaching, her goal is to help patients realize their optimal health and guide them on their reproductive health journey.

What does being a part of Yinstill mean to me…
“Yinstill has multiple meanings for me. First, it is a place of growth. I am continuously learning about TCM, health on various levels, mindfulness and even about myself. There is no limitation on the education I receive at Yinstill. Secondly, it is a place of self-care. This goes for me personally and for patients as well. It gives the fundamental tools and education of self care. Finally, Yinstill to me is family. It is a space of trust, love and respect for one another.”

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