Jane started at Yinstill Sept 2018. She has been coming consistently since that time for regular acupuncture.

Our GOALS were to:
- regulate immune function (reduce inflammation / enhance infection-fighting),
- soothe emotions (relieve stress and anxiety, anger, fear, palpitations, vivid dreams, and depression)
- improve sleep (light, vivid dreams)
- regulate bladder issues (frequency,

At Yinstill Reproductive Wellness we are dedicated to providing a safe and compassionate space for all people.

Yinstill is happy to support those within the LGBTQIA+2S community, and provide exceptional holistic treatment for those experiencing fertility and/or reproductive issues. 

We believe that nothing is more important than family and everyone

During your reproductive journey, it may be necessary to have a surgery to better your chances of conception. Typically in the reproductive arena, many of these are laparoscopic surgeries which are minimally invasive. Sometimes more extensive surgeries are unavoidable and required to continue towards the goal of conceiving. This is

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