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Acupuncture for Pre and Post Surgery

During your reproductive journey, it may be necessary to have a surgery to better your chances of conception. Typically in the reproductive arena, many of these are laparoscopic surgeries which are minimally invasive. Sometimes more extensive surgeries are unavoidable and required to continue towards the goal of conceiving. This is when taking stock of your goals and timelines becomes even important as many couples are working within timelines. One way to strategize a quicker recovery and reduce the stress that accompanies surgery is to consider the benefits surrounding pre and post operative acupuncture. Returning the body to a more balanced state is one of the key applications of Chinese medicine. Surgery can cause a temporary or longer lasting disruption in the body and acupuncture actively works by bringing these imbalances (water regulation, pain, inflammation or stress hormone levels) back to a normal state. Here are ways acupuncture helps the body to heal when used for pre and post surgery recovery:

Acupuncture to reduce inflammation and pain associated with surgery:

Pain and inflammation…nobody is a fan of this!! The benefits for pain relief is one of the most extensively studied aspects of acupuncture and is well known globally for the profound effect acupuncture has on pain relief in the human body. When pain and inflammation are reduced with acupuncture, this allows for the body to recover faster, allows for better sleep and a more restful state of mind.

Acupuncture actively works at increasing blow flow and regulating fluid movement surrounding the area that has experienced trauma:

This further allows for a reduction in both pain and swelling. Swelling can result in a longer healing time.

Acupuncture strengthens the immune system:

A strengthened or supported immune system supports a speedier recovery. This is important for those patients who typically have lowered immune systems or compromised immune systems.

Acupuncture to decrease nausea:

Effective in reducing the nausea load that can accompany post-surgery symptoms. Side effects from medication and or the medical procedure itself can induce symptoms of nausea in some patients.

Acupuncture lowers stress and anxiety:

Acupuncture is widely known to have the ability to lower stress and is this state of relaxation is often the first thing a patient reports from the table! The stress hormone cortisol is high during times of stress, which can have cascading effects on your body. Relief from most acupuncture sessions to reduce stress and anxiety are almost immediate and may last many days. The mechanism of action which promotes this state of relaxation is via the release of endorphins (feel good chemical) when a needle is inserted in an acupuncture point and activation of the needle.

The next surgery you have reproductive or not, why not consider returning your body to a more balanced state in a shorter period of time with acupuncture?

If you are having a surgery this summer and desire a speedier recovery, please call Yinstill and book in with Lara, we are here for you!

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