Comprehensive Genetic Health Report

Everyone’s first step into taking charge of their health and well-being should be a Comprehensive Genetic Health Report. This report gives you the blueprint to the foundations of your health so that you can make the necessary adjustments to support your current health conditions, and avoid challenges in the future.

As Rhonda Patrick states: “By learning more about ourselves, we can find out in what specific environmental and lifestyle contexts our genes can behave at their very best.

More specifically, this report may help you understand how your body absorbs, metabolizes, and utilizes vitamins and foods, specifics about your sleep and exercise requirements, how well your body eliminates xenobiotics (environmental toxins) and potential carcinogens, and your risk for conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer’s. Then, based on scientific evidence, provide actionable nutritional and lifestyle epigenetic interventions based on your personal genotype.

Once obtained, the raw genetic data can be utilized to create a comprehensive report. Dr Pentland will then interpret the report and provide a summary of recommendations for whole health according to your specific DNA variants.

I understand how valuable this is and want to get this report, what do I do now?

Simply follow this link to receive 10% off your kit and start the 23andMe process now. Once you get these results consult with Dr Pentland about next steps.

*If you are nervous about 23andMe running your health info, just simply opt into the ancestry portion (less $). From there we can obtain the same raw data required to utilize at another private service to run the comprehensive genetic health report. At the private service we use the raw genetic data file is discarded after report creation and not retained long-term.

*Another point I want to clarify; I know many people speak of the fear with this testing and the possibilities of insurance companies denying you health and life coverage. My thoughts on this are such that if these tests are important enough to insurance companies, then they will be making them mandatory for new applicants, or will be knocking on the doors of current customers and forcing them to do the testing to continue to get coverage. IMO, better to do it now and start making the changes to your health that will impact your longevity and quality of life so that you can report this activity (because they will be monitoring your health and wellness activity soon as well, quote me on that).


1. Insurance companies are smart and they do not want to lose money so they ultimately will be rewarding those who are caring for themselves, and part of that involves extensive medical testing.

2. Epigenetics dictate that our genetic code does not seal our fate. It is merely a blueprint that we inherit from our parents. We CAN change whether these potentially harmful genes express themselves by altering our environment through changes in lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep, emotions, and spirituality.

What  people are saying;

“A heartfelt thank you for this insight. This is such amazing information and you shine a different light on the data than I understood. I thought the presence of my COMT snp meant I see the positive side of things. I did not realize that there was the other side of the coin! This has been eye opening and I am already making many changes that will be a permanent part of my lifestyle.   I feel empowered and more determined than ever.  This has made me understand my body better and have more respect for it , rather than be frightened about the results of my genetic tests. I’m glad I did the test now and not 6 months ago when I purchased it.  I wouldn’t have had you to guide me with the interpretation. Thank you”

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