Alcohol & Sperm

Should you stop drinking alcohol when trying to get pregnant? Does alcohol negatively impact sperm and male factor infertility? The answer is a plain and simple ‘yes’, but seemingly only in moderate to heavy drinkers. As with all research, there are the conclusions and the people that fit, then there are the outliers. In other words, if you only drink a little but your sperm still isn’t performing as needed, then alcohol may be playing a role.

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If you are a heavy drinker, stop. For many reasons, not just fertility, but maybe most importantly, that the impacts of your drinking could impact your offspring. So the first amazing parenting decision you can make is to put the brakes on alcohol consumption. If you are a ‘moderate’ consumer of alcohol (you be the judge), then I feel like the same message is clear. Take a break.


One last message I want to emphasize for all those light social drinkers; not all alcohol is created equal. Since this is a time when you are not supposed to be drinking too much anyway, I want to encourage you to be picky about what you are putting in your body. For example, wine producers in the U.S. are allowed (by the FDA) to utilize 75 different additives into their products, and they don’t have to label them! Crazy right. The solution here is to support the small producers of quality craft spirits wine and beer, that boast about how pure and clean their products are, or that are putting in the extreme effort to have better farming practices such as organic or even better, biodynamic.


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