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RELIEVE – Yinstill Custom Fertility Supplement

Relieve is a custom Yinstill formulation to help with the painful struggles of endometriosis. It is focused on decreasing inflammation and alleviating pain. Inflammatory and biochemical inducers cause oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction. Oxidative stress and free radicals damage cells and tissues in your body, and over time, cause dysfunction in the peritoneal cavity, ovaries, and uterus. With this in mind, the Yinstill Relieve supplement is not only for women with endometriosis but is a wonderful option for patients with any inflammatory condition.

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My Endometriosis

As a TCM practitioner, I think it is important that patients know they are not alone. I hope that sharing my story with you will encourage you to seek support and look for alternative treatments, if are needing them.


In high school, I began experiencing heavy and painful periods. I had no idea that the start of “womanhood” was going to change my life in ways I couldn’t even imagine. My young self thought the idea of bleeding out every month sounded horrific and unnecessary,

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Learn how to optimize your fertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary principles. Includes lots of great fertility-boosting recipes!